(Disclaimer: this post is kind of long and detailed and probably boring to some people. but I need to talk about my accomplishments to remind myself that life doesn’t have to suck all the time. thanks.)

As you may have noticed with the lack of updates, I’ve been having a crappy few weeks. Nothing horrible has really happened, I’ve just been down and having a hard time getting back up. BUT last Friday was my birthday and I was hoping to use that as a turning point to gather myself and start seeing things on the bright side again. So far, it has worked.

My first Monday as a twenty four year old went pretty well. I did get up later than intended, but I still took care of all of my morning routine things, and even biked to yoga instead of taking the bus. Yoga class was also a nice surprise – my teacher from my first class at Evergreen (a year long program) was subbing for the usual teacher. I wanted to stay and chat with her after but me and my awkwardness missed the chance. After that I had lunch and went to work, got paid and…. did a little shopping. I got some late birthday cards in the mail and a gift card and knew exactly what I wanted to buy because I’ve been drooling over it for weeks:

as well as a couple small things from target – including some nail polish because I just can’t help myself.

Then on Tuesday I continued to be awesome and knock out my pretty hefty list of things to do by setting a reasonable goal: only a half hour on each task and if I don’t finish it, move on. I was able to do everything in that amount of time and still have a yoga break. Then Josh and I spent the evening catching up on Parks & Recreation because season 5 is finally on Netflix! Yeah I know, I always say that I never watch TV, and mostly I don’t (because I don’t have cable and it’s stupid and expensive and useless), but I love Parks & Rec. It makes me genuinely crack up with laughter and I think that is very healthy.

and now it is Wednesday, magical middle of the week, and although I reeeeeeeeeally didn’t feel like getting up this morning, eventually I did, and I’ve been enjoying it. The first thing I did after my ~morning routine~ was put together this nightstand that I picked up last night with the gift card that my awesome generous family-that-I-nanny-for gave me. I’ve been wanting one for a while so I could put the shelf back in the other room where it used to be and yadda yadda the furniture is back where it ought to be the universe is balanced once again YAY.

(please excuse the awful quality of this photo and my awful bed thx)

Oh, something else I did that’s helping me regain perspective and know what to do with my life was finally sitting down with my new empty BIG PLANS AND THINGS notebook (my old one was completely filled) and write out all the projects I have going on or would like to get started on. Writing all my thoughts & ideas down and organizing them really helps because otherwise I just have them bouncing around in my head making me feel anxious and stressed and not knowing what to do first or what’s most important or if I’m failing at life and…. yeah. that’s where I’ve been lately.

So, what are my current projects, plans, and goals?

  • Gifts for people (not just for the holidays, but other things I haven’t finished)
  • Wardrobe (I want to clarify my clothing… get rid of things I don’t like & don’t wear, and *wisely* choose new things that I want)
  • Household (mostly organizing stuff, and finishing the guinea pigs’ cage)
  • Food & Health  (trying to gain weight as a vegan with fast metabolism is just… lol. so I’m seriously thinking about what I eat and starting to study nutrition.)
  • Blog (designing a layout from scratch, coming up with post ideas that are actually interesting, and like… actually telling people about my blog so I have readers o___o)
  • Web Design (finishing my friend’s site, studying current design things that I ought to know, building my portfolio)
  • Japan (making realistic plans and budgeting)
  • Photography (building my portfolio, brainstorming & shooting projects)

These are not in order of priority, just the order I wrote them down. Still have to think about what’s most important…

Well, that was fun. Tune in next time for: “Why Casey Gets Depressed and What She Is Going To Do About It!”

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